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About Cold Logic

<Cold Logic> is a 10 man raiding guild on the Stormreaver server. We were founded by long time, like-minded friends who love to see the hardest fights and current endgame content. 

We Raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday nights from 9pm-12am CST (7-10 pst). We only raid 3 nights a week, so we require our raiders to move at a quick pace. Long afks are bad.

What <Cold Logic> is looking for:

1. Reliability. We need our raiders to maintain near perfect attendance in order to stay current on progression. 

2. Willingness to learn. We expect all of our raiders and applicants to know their class as well as possible. Playing at your maximum potential is critical for progression.

3. Following instructions and taking orders. When we run our raids, we expect our raiders to follow strict instructions during boss fights to obtain our goals of progression.

4. Team Player. Sometimes during an encounter we may have to change the current raid roster to better fit a specific fight. Sitting out for a better piece to the puzzle, or swapping your toon for an equally geared alt, are all sometimes necessary to finish some encounters. When asked, we expect you to understand why we are making the changes, and to support the guild as we continue with progression. We must put the guild 1st before ourselves when it is possible to remain competitive with other guilds.

5. Respect. There are many people in the raid with you. We expect everyone to show each other respect, especially during a long night of progression. If you have any issues with a member, you are expected to contact an officer. A little respect goes a long ways. Respect also means to respect each others time set aside to raid. We do not tolerate the waste of our time.

Interested in applying? Click Here!

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